Welcome to my world​

In 1996, I graduated in Fine Arts from Joshibi University (Joshibi University Art and Design) in Japan. There I learned textile crafts. After finishing my studies, I worked as a fabric designer until I moved to Spain in 2001.

My first visit to this country was so inspiring for bright sunlight, the vivid colors of the landscapes and the people energy, and these made me to decide to move here. .

After coming to Spain for ten years, I dedicated myself to working with ceramics. Looking for the world of colors that are born from nature, from clay and from the enamels that arise from chemical reactions.

Every year that I returned to visit Japan, I made exhibitions there with my creations. I also dedicated myself to painting, reproducing old advertising posters, creating vintage-style works from old rusty sheet metal sign designs.



Art posters reproductions​

I have been making reproductions of old posters for more than fifteen years. I started this work by chance, after a curious encounter with a furniture and decoration store.

Now these posters are sold in stores in Madrid, Barcelona and Tokyo.

The aging process of the illustration is for me the part that most attracts me to the creation of the pieces. At the moment of recreating the rusty effect I am inspired by the nature that surrounds me.

Original art & expression

Later I started working with acrylic paints creating abstract style works. Then five years ago I suffered from breast cancer and to take care of myself I became aware that I had to change my way of living and thinking. This change helped me a lot to see more deeply my inner world, and it opened the door for me to be able to paint abstract art.

Now painting abstract is, for me, a therapy to grow personally. While I paint, my internal conflicts and emotional blocks come to light, and little by little during the process I find a solution. I feel that through painting I can learn about my interior.


In my works I want to express about the energy of femininity. For me it means looking for our own intuition, letting our creativity flow and consciously feeling our inner spring of vital energy. Always maintaining harmony with the energy of masculinity that is expressed more outwardly.

I believe that when these two energies are balanced, as in a partner dance or as the Yin and Yang of nature, our potential as human beings is harnessed.

I think that any work of art is the concentration of the energy of the artist. Among my goals for the future is to merge my painting and my therapy in a method to help others.

While I paint these works I am looking for harmony between my inner and outer world to feel whole. And if I can convey this search to you, I will feel very happy.

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From the 3rd to the 7th of November at Galeria N. (Yokohama)

Vintage Posters

Among the works on display are my vintage paintings based on old posters of Spanish design.